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Tiny Home Community

Community (noun), definition: “a social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists.”

tiny house community

We are members of the unofficial tiny home community because we share interests in simplifying the unnecessary busyness of our lives, stewarding our financial sustainability, being more conscious about how we live, living with more freedom to BE who we are meant to be, and pursuing our passions to make the world a better place.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that community? I presume that’s one reason you’re browsing our site! Well, we love our community of tiny home enthusiasts, so we dedicate this page to those of us with the shared belief to live more simply and with more intentionality.

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Wood Iron Tiny Homes was featured as the builder of the month in the latest issue of Tiny House Magazine!!!

Andrew Odoms, writer for Tiny House Magazine, interviewed Spud in an 11 page article about the startup of our family owned tiny home company.

Tiny House Magazine

“I had heard there was a ‘new kid in town’ in the Pacific Northwest. I also heard this new kid had built an awesome home unlike anything I had probably seen. In fact, it may even be setting a new standard for multi-material builds. I heard right and never imagined a home quite as majestic as the rolling one built by Wood Iron Tiny Homes (WITH)… [they are] the builder of the month and may very well become a standard by which all others are measured.”

Andrew Odoms, Tiny House Magazine

CLICK THE IMAGE to BUY the 92 page magazine for only FIVE BUCKS!

Available for iOS or a PDF for your computer.

Wood Iron Tiny Homes has been featured on the following tiny house websites, each with their own things to say. Check them out!

“The tiny house does a wonderful job showcasing the family’s superb craftsmanship and three decades of construction experience. The North Sister’s rustic modern exterior mixes cedar shingles, Breckenridge panels, and two-tone corrugated metal for a unique look with low maintenance.” Read More.

Writer, Tiny Living
Tiny House Town Logo

“Wood Iron Tiny Homes is a tiny house building/designing company located in Sisters, Oregon. They aim to create simple, quality tiny homes; and, their first tiny home for sale is a great example of their work and mission…” Read More.

Tiny House For Us

The North Sister is an interesting first build that really lives up to the name of its builder, Wood Iron Tiny Homes. And goes beyond, in fact – there’s plenty of wood and stone, but there’s also quite a lot of metal and glass worked into the design. Add it all together and you have a fairly unique category-defying style that blends elements of the rustic, the modern and the industrial into a visually interesting and seemingly well executed tiny house on wheels. Read More.

Tiny House Talk

“[Wood Iron Tiny Home’s North Sister] features a wonderfully spacious living room with a comfortable storage couch, a great loft bedroom with storage stairs, and an awesome tile backsplash in the kitchen that I’m coveting.” Read More.

Tiny Houses

“Wood Iron Tiny Homes Unveils Their First Tiny House and it’s Impressive…Their debut tiny house puts their skills on display with modern live edge wood accents and thoughtful finishes…We’re incredibly impressed with this company’s first venture and can’t wait to see what else they do!” Read More.

“Wood Iron Tiny Homes is officially recognized as a reputable tiny home builder in Oregon.” Read More.

Links We Recommend

Below are not just links to other companies and sites, but the people behind them, and the values they represent.

We believe in community and as we empower one another, we all benefit, so check these guys out!

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