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Spud & MaryEsther Hooley standing inside luxury tiny home

Who We Are

We are Spud & MaryEsther Hooley, along with our two adult sons and their loved ones. Although we have collectively traveled through 60 countries, we are Oregon residents who love our region. After two decades of building all around the world and a decade of dreaming tiny house designs, my wife and I “Spud,” along with the help of our two sons, converge our hearts, our values, our experiences, and our skills into designing and crafting our tiny homes.

Our Value

Our family at Wood Iron Tiny Homes values the importance of intentionally creating “Home,” not just constructing a house or building a shell on a trailer. We are now honored to share our creativity with the world and humbled to lead our family business.

Tony Home in grass

Our Vision

We believe everyone should OWN a custom space they can proudly and yet humbly call their “HOME”. In an ever-changing world, with globalization, urbanization, and gentrification challenging the concept of home, we believe the tiny home lifestyle is an innovative solution.


At Wood Iron Tiny Homes, we believe you should have the freedom to “Take Life [WITH] You,” so we build the THOWs (Tiny Homes On Wheels) that you can conveniently move and enjoyably call your very own “Home.”

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Our Commitment

We believe in putting family first, communicating with integrity, designing with appropriate architecture, building with green technology, and leaving a low eco-footprint We also support as many local businesses as we can, while still stewarding the freedom of choosing highest quality European imports.

The Tiny Home Movement

Also known as “The Tiny Life,” this lifestyle is centered around life simplification, financial freedom, mental clarity, emotional peace, environmental sustainability, community engagement, and more time to become the better version of yourself by pursuing your passions. We believe your lifestyle should fit your housing and your housing should fit your lifestyle. Every day of our meticulous design work and custom craftsmanship will lead you into the experience of living more simply in a space where you can truly appreciate every detail.

Get in Touch

If you long to have more financial security, lose your mortgage or rent, free up your calendar, and engage with your community more deeply, then choosing the tiny lifestyle is right for you. Get in Touch if you’re interested in making one of our Wood Iron Tiny Homes a place you will lovingly call your next “Home.”

Get in Touch

We love Community

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about our family, our vision, our values, and our commitment at Wood Iron Tiny Homes, check out the Tiny Home Community with whom we share many of these beliefs. We’ve also linked many of the tiny home sites who’ve featured our “North Sister” tiny home, including an article in the latest issue of Tiny House Magazine!!! Click the button to read more…

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