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Named after our local mountain, “North Sister” is our debut model tiny home.

Spud designed it with modern architecture inspired by elements adhering to the wilderness landscape. Built on a 26′ x 8.5′ Tumbleweed Tiny Home Trailer, all 300 sq. ft. (with the queen loft) display our family’s values for interior beauty, exterior quality, and craft construction entirely unique to Wood Iron Tiny Homes. 

modern natural edge rustic industrial tiny home in forest
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To give you the most intimate experience of our tiny home, besides personally standing inside, we’ve compiled hundreds of photos into an organized gallery. Tap or click the three buttons below to step inside the collaborative creativity of Wood Iron Tiny Homes.


Not only do we value quality, we place a high value on aesthetics. Not only do we enjoy creating beautiful things, we craft beauty that envelopes your being with tranquility.



“Unique category-defying style that blends elements of the rustic, the modern and the industrial into a visually interesting and seemingly well executed tiny house on wheels.” ~ Tiny House For Us



Our goal is not making a quick profit; our vision is building YOU a home that lasts, with very little maintenance and energy cost, so that you can spend your time on what matters most to you!

tiny home house luxury european kitchen

The North Sister’s rustic modern exterior mixes cedar shingles, Breckenridge panels, and two-tone corrugated metal for a unique look with low maintenance. Doug fir framing reinforced with iron, western birch hardwood flooring, 11 wood-framed Anderson awning windows, Italian imported stainless steel appliances, European imported washer-and-dryer-in-one, exposed copper plumbing, multipurpose wash basin, natural edge counters and shelves, queen loft with sky/star light, and Smart-featured video-sound-lights-outlets and many other meticulous details provide the quality and value of our tiny home.

This tiny house could be YOUR Home!

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