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New Model for Sale!

Our “McKenzie” Tiny Home is Your Portable Affordable for the Adventurer

You need a kitchen, a shower, a toilet, a cozy place to read, sleep, sip tea…

You also want your bike, boards, boots, ropes, and helmets to #GetOutside…

Oh, and you want off-grid sustainability…

The McKenzie was designed and built for YOU!

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We are a family owned-and-operated LLC

at the base of the Cascade Range in Central Oregon

Design You

Can Trust

Our family has lived tiny in dozens of various small spaces and explored simple living in over 60 countries. With this experience, we know how to design and build small yet spacious THOWs (Tiny Houses On Wheels).

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Adhering to wilderness landscapes, our family specializes in using modern natural edge to craft tiny homes you will lovingly call “Home” with the flexibility to “Take Life [WITH] You.”


Natural Edge

A Little Family History

Kirsten Dirksen is a well-known YouTuber from Paris who was traveling through Sisters, Oregon when she saw our first tiny home parked in town. She pulled out a few cameras, and with some of our historical content added, published a 13 minute video about our family’s journey of living tiny.

YouTube Comments

“This family understands what “living” truly means. I hope all of us can get there one day.” – Seth Murphy

“This is probably the best designed tiny house I’ve ever seen!” – theWarrenator

“Is there ONE thing these people didn’t do in their life time? Big respect.” – Karima Osmani

“That is the most well thought out tiny home I have seen! I would actually like living in it.” – Ron W

“Maybe my favorite Kirsten Dirksen video to date. Great tiny house. I love the historical background on this neat couple’s tiny living past. Very enjoyable to watch.” – Bill M

“Fabulous job on this tiny home, one of my all time favorites! There are so many compliments that I have…I don’t know where to begin. I love the exposed copper, all of the live edge shelving, the backdoor, laundry, and placement of bathroom. I love the roof lines, you and your hubby seem to be tiny home experts…you all thought of everything, great job!” – stedmans4christ

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Tiny Houses

“Wood Iron Tiny Homes Unveils Their First Tiny House and it’s Impressive…Their debut tiny house puts their skills on display with modern live edge wood accents and thoughtful finishes…We’re incredibly impressed with this company’s first venture and can’t wait to see what else they do!” Read More.

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Tiny House Talk

“[Wood Iron Tiny Home’s North Sister] features a wonderfully spacious living room with a comfortable storage couch, a great loft bedroom with storage stairs, and an awesome tile backsplash in the kitchen that I’m coveting.” Read More.


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Named after our local mountain, “North Sister” is our debut model tiny home.

Spud designed it with modern architecture inspired by elements adhering to the wilderness landscape. Built on a 26′ x 8.5′ Tumbleweed Tiny Home Trailer, all 300 sq. ft. (with the queen loft) display our family’s values for craft construction, exterior quality, and interior beauty entirely unique to Wood Iron Tiny Homes. 


modern natural edge rustic industrial tiny home in forest

This tiny house could be YOUR Home!

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Keys are Yours. Take Life WITH You!

Tiny Home Sleeping Loft with natural light

Wood Iron Tiny Homes [WITH] are intentionally craft constructed in Sisters, Oregon with durable exterior quality and unique interior beauty.

As an experienced carpenter, craftsman, and home builder of two decades, as well as a tiny living enthusiast, Spud is the artist behind our tiny homes, with every feature meticulously designed and hand-crafted.

Tiny House For Us

The North Sister is an interesting first build that really lives up to the name of its builder, Wood Iron Tiny Homes. And goes beyond, in fact – there’s plenty of wood and stone, but there’s also quite a lot of metal and glass worked into the design. Add it all together and you have a fairly unique category-defying style that blends elements of the rustic, the modern and the industrial into a visually interesting and seemingly well executed tiny house on wheels. Read More.



with low maintenance

This tiny house could be YOUR Home!

  1. Download your price sheet
  2. Share your dream with us
  3. Choose your financing option

Keys are Yours. Take Life WITH You!

Wood Iron Tiny Homes was featured as “Builder of the Month” in Tiny House Magazine!

CLICK THE IMAGE to BUY the 92 page magazine for only FIVE BUCKS!

Tiny House Magazine

Available for iOS or a PDF for your computer.

Andrew Odoms, writer for Tiny House Magazine, interviewed Spud in an 11 page article about the startup of our family owned tiny home company.

“I had heard there was a ‘new kid in town’ in the Pacific Northwest. I also heard this new kid had built an awesome home unlike anything I had probably seen. In fact, it may even be setting a new standard for multi-material builds.

I heard right and never imagined a home quite as majestic as the rolling one built by Wood Iron Tiny Homes (WITH)… [they are] the builder of the month and may very well become a standard by which all others are measured.”

Andrew OdomsAndrew Odoms, Tiny House Magazine

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We’ll be at the Tiny House Living Festival in Portland!!!

Simple as that, we're pulling our beloved "North Sister" luxury tiny home to the Tiny House Living Festival in Portland, Oregon for YOU to see! September 15-17, 2017. More details at their website. [...]

Local Open House

We are proudly displaying our tiny home to the local public! Come step inside the beautiful creativity and quality craftsmanship of Wood Iron Tiny Homes in Sisters, Oregon. When: Saturday, July 1st Where: 223 E. Hood [...]

  • Tiny House on wheels Delivery

Tiny Home For Sale!

We are thrilled, honored, and delighted to announce our first tiny home is 100% complete, down to the very last detail! Check out our financing page and fill out the slide-in [...]

Wood Iron Tiny Homes

If you long to have more financial security, lose your mortgage or rent, free up your calendar, and engage with your community more deeply, then choosing the tiny lifestyle is right for you.

Take Life



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